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Damselfly is about vision, confidence, &
the ideal experience.

Located in Denver, CO, Damselfly offers a range of intuition, nutrition, and salon services. Damselfly is all about beauty with helping you pick the right nutrients for your body and lifestyle and achieve the best color, cut, or extensions for your hair. Beauty in your mind with guidance through readings, energy work, drumming, meditation, or cleansing your home. Beauty starts from the inside and radiates out.

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Why choose Damselfly


We have heart, compassion, and the love to create. Communication isn't about talking, it's about listening, understanding, and then interacting. We continue our education in all fields; whether it be a nutrition seminar, advanced color, cut, extension classes, or exploring new psychic techniques. This is important to make sure we keep up with the latest trends, or health discoveries. We want you to feel your absolute best walking in and walking out.

our mission


Beauty from the inside out

Damselfly's mission is to create a fun and relaxing space. Whether you are coming to a guided meditation, psychic reading, a consultation on nutrition, or getting your hair done; we want you to feel at home and confident you are going to get the best possible service available.