Damselfly is a Denver based salon that concentrates on full body health; whether it's inner beauty from eating healthy, whole foods, and understanding your body. Outer beauty with coloring, cutting or getting extensions put in your hair. Connecting with your intuition, receiving guidance, energy work, removing obstacles and old patterns. Taking care of your loving furry friends through healing touch. Damselfly has passion, compassion, knowledge, and expertise. We are a professional salon on a personal level. Feel the love and light, we can't wait to meet you.


Aimee is a Denver based psychic, healer, level 2 reiki practitioner, and Healing Touch for Animal certified. She has studied and connected to spirit for most of her life, receiving messages and guidance as a young child. She has studied with numerous local psychics that have helped her achieve balance and clear  messages. Aimee offers psychic readings-connecting to spirit to give you clear messages and guidance. Home cleansing- removing unwanted energy and replacing with love and light. Energy and Reiki sessions- connecting to spirit to remove what no longer serves you so you feel lighter and ready to move forward. Healing Touch for Animals-which aids in animals healing and living healthy lives.


Denver based Damselfly Nutrition takes an organic, holistic approach to your health and well being. If you aren't eating the right nutrients you will never truly heal. Nutrition is about learning the correct way to eat for your body. Vegan and vegetarian diets can be tricky if you aren't combining the correct foods and supplementing when needed. Having a passion for animals and overall health we will work with you for optimal energy, and overall well being. Aimee has been a vegetarian most of her life and is now a vegan. She understands the passion and compassion behind the choice to eat a plant based diet. She has studied at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver Co. earning her certification and is now finishing up with a Master Certification.  Learn the in's and out's of all around health to help maintain a healthy and compassionate life..


Denver based Damselfly Salon is all about your experience. Walk in feeling relaxed, comfortable, and confident that you will leave with the style, color, extensions or up-do of your dreams. We are eco and animal friendly,  using products that have never been tested on animals and have packaging that is  recyclable or biodegradable. We commit to continuing our education by continuously attending advanced color, cutting, and styling classes throughout the year.