Following your intuition can sometimes be difficult when you are trying to make major life decisions. Damselfly offers many different options and support that can help guide you on a comfortable path. Aimee has always seen spirits and felt different energies throughout her life. In her 20's she started exploring those thoughts and feelings by going to different meditations and healing groups. Aimee later started studying under Deb Sheppard and Jan Katayama who are  medium/intuitive's from the Denver Metro area. Both have helped teach and guide her along her path. Aimee is a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader, and is currently studying under Carol Komitor, completing level one Healing Touch For Animals, although she plan's to continue through all four levels.  Aimee's passion is to help people along their journey and to receive important messages.


Healing touch for animals has so many benefits; it regulates the immune system, relaxes the body and muscles, releases endorphin's, increases circulation, elevates oxygen, absorbs nutrients, builds enzymes, regulates hormones, releases toxins, promotes healthy cell growth and healing. The body reacting to healing touch promotes a healthy, healing atmosphere in your animals body. Different techniques are used for different aliments, relaxation, or healings. Aimee uses healing touch not only on her animals, but her foster animals, and the animals from Demi's Animal Rescue.

60 min- $65.     90 min- $90.  Packages available, contact us for more information.


Energy is carried throughout our bodies, every thought and feeling is absorbed. Sometimes our energy gets stuck or blocked for one reason or another which needs to be moved out. A Reiki practitioner will scan your body by moving their hands above your body and pushing that energy out and away. This can help with any injuries, sore muscles, grieving or self esteem issues.   These blocks will be removed, or lessened, then we will fill your body energetically with love and tranquility.

60 min- $75.    90 min- $90.


Aimee connects to spirit to receive messages that can help you begin to emotionally heal, or take that next step to success. She hears from those who have passed that  would like for you to hear their messages. Aimee has seen and talked to spirits most of her life and has taken her time with learning how to retrieve the messages to give to you. If you are having a hard time making important life decisions, or want to know which direction to go, a reading might help guide you in a different direction.


Hearing bumps in the night, walk through areas that feel heavy, or moving into a new home? Cleansing your house is a great way to release any old energy that may be sticking around. We start by removing any old energy that is stuck by walking throughout the house  with sage and then continue the cleanse with a drumming session. Once everything feels light and even, we energetically put good, loving energy back in the space. Prices do vary so please call for an estimate.