Nutrition can be so confusing in today's world. One day the press says a product is bad for you, then a month or in a few years they say it's good. What works for one person might not work for another. Let Aimee help guide you through nutrition for better health, weight loss, ailments, support before and after surgery, menopause, puberty, or understanding and maintaining a vegetarian and/or vegan diet. Aimee has studied at Denver's Nutrition Therapy Institute where she received her first certification and is now working toward her master certification. Aimee holds educational seminars at Berry Patch organic farms in Brighten Colorado. If you would like to learn more about these seminars, please contact us. Aimee has a passion for complete health and works at your pace.


Being vegan or vegetarian can make you feel like you aren't getting enough nutrients, protein, and can leave you feeling sluggish. You could also gain the "veggie belly" from eating too much pasta and breads. It takes commitment and knowledge to be a healthy vegan or vegetarian, and I'm here to help. We will discuss meals plans, proper foods, and food combination so you get pure proteins, and information on supplements. This diet starts with compassion and commitment, and I want to see you feel and look your best.


There are many different reasons you may need help with achieving optimal health and meal planning. For example; your health, new restrictions that your doctor has advised you to follow, new weight loss goals, you want to feel better and want someone to give you new ideas and secrets that have helped them succeed, or you have no idea where to start with your health and need to have someone to explain everything from eating, exercise, and picking the right foods. This is a fun way to be introduced into the magical world of nutrition!


Seeing is believing, how many times have you had ideas on how to choose the best foods for yourself and then get to the grocery store, get overwhelmed and forget? We will walk through your local store while discussing different ideas of how to shop to succeed, and the hidden secrets of why stores place food for you to impulse buy. We will then take a deep look into your pantry and explain the hidden ingredients that cause you to crave certain foods, have hidden sugar, and the small changes you can make to help you have a nutrient rich pantry.


Nutrition Mentoring is a six month course meeting one Sunday a month. You will be in a class with all different types of people with different nutritional needs and goals. Classes will meet from 10:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. You will learn different ways to cook and prepare meals, build friendships and connection's with new people, learn different vitamins, nutrients and other benefits from everyday foods, listen to informational guest speakers, and so much more. Please contact us for an application.